Marching Band

Marching Band

Competition days are all-day affairs that involve commitment to performance and learning. Our jobs include preparing ourselves to perform at our peak, putting on our best show to date, and observing other fine bands and learning from their performances. Contest days are when we really come together as a team and as a family. That is what we have been working for! Make the commitment to be at your absolute best and enjoy every minute of the day.


2017-2018 Cavalier Band Drum Majors

Johanna Macklin, Lexy Larson, Pakarinen,


Johana was extremely humbled to earn her position and eager to make a difference in the “big picture” of the program.  One of her favorite things about the band organization is the closeness and camaraderie between the members, the “family dynamic” for which we are known.  “Band kids just get it you know, they just get life”.

Lexy Larson


Kari Pakerenin

Kelli Knight