Working Concessions (1 point each) – Every band family is asked to work THREE games (includes regular season, showcase, and potential playoff games). This is the biggest money maker for the band, and we ask that when you sign up please be sure you can make it.


The dates for the home varsity football games are:
August 30th - Martin
September 6th – Timberview
September 13th – Bowie
September 27th - Austin

October 11th - Westlake

November 1st - Hays

Sign up for your three games as General Concessions Volunteers here. Tabs are set up for each game/event:
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Pre-season cleanup (1 point) – We get all of the three football stadium concessions stands cleaned up and organized before the season starts. Tentatively scheduled for TBD. Two-hour shifts available starting at 8 am. Your band student is scheduled to be at practice 8 am – 12 pm that day.

Managers/Prep Volunteers/Etc. (5 points each!)We do need some parents to take larger roles in helping with concessions. Training for each of these will be provided.


The following volunteer positions are available for 5 points each.

Beverage Delivery – There are 5 or so deliveries to the stadium from Pepsi, typically during the day sometime the week of the home games. There will also be 3 water deliveries that will come from private label companies. We need a small crew to meet with beverage delivery personnel and help with directing drinks to all three concessions stands.

Ice Bagger – Because we use a lot of ice during games, this person will bag ice from the ice machines in the concessions stands for storage in freezers. This will happen once or twice each home game week.

Inventory – This person tallies the inventory periodically during the season as needed. Usually, this occurs after home games so that we know how much to order for the next game.

Concessions Weekly Prep – This crew, which includes 2 managers, will work with the evening concession stand managers to get concessions set up in the afternoon before each home game.

Volunteer Manager for Concessions – This person manages online volunteer signups (using Sign up Genius) and checks in volunteers at home games.

Sign up for any of these concessions-related weekly tasks (including Pre-Season cleanup day) here. Tabs are set up for each of the above tasks:

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Uniforms SUDS (5 points) – The “SUDS” (Select Uniform De-griming Specialists) team washes 8-10 uniforms 4-5 times during marching season.  Those committing to SUDS do not have to serve concessions duty and this fulfills all of their Fall volunteering.

Uniform Fitting (1 point each) – During the first week of Summer Band Camp, we will be fitting all band students for their marching uniforms. This is a huge task and we need lots of help so that our band students look their best on the field.

Sign up for Uniforms-related tasks here:
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Food/Water Serve a Meal (1 point each) – Help serves meals/water during Summer Band Camp or for home games.

Sign up for Summer Band Meals here:
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Sign up for serving Home Game Day meals here:


“FEDS” (Front Ensemble Deployment Squad)

This group makes sure that all of the Cav Band percussion, color guard, and field equipment gets to EVERY football game and contest! It involves loading trucks and carrying equipment on and off the field. Those committing to FEDS do not have to serve concessions duty and this fulfills all of their Fall volunteering. It is worth 5 points!

Sign up for FEDS here:
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Chaperone Away Game/Contest Parent (1 point each) - Travel with the band on the bus to home, away games and/or contests. Chaperones will monitor bus activity, help in the stands with students as needed, and help with food and water at the away events.

Sign up to chaperone Away Games here:

Sign up to chaperone Contests here:

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

We also have a few other opportunities available that fulfill the complete 5 point Fall obligations. These are in various band-related areas where we need parents to step up to a higher level of involvement. They include:

Freshman Liaison
Financial Review Supervisor
Business Sponsor Manager
Spring Fundraiser Chair
Uniforms SUDS Manager
Marching Uniform Fitting Assistant
Marching Season Uniform Assistant
Concert Season Uniform Assistant
Meal Manager spots for Summer Camp, Home Games, Away Games,
Contests, General Meals Volunteer, Special Diets, etc.
Special Events Assistant

Football Season Weekly Award Manager

There are a few other positions we are looking for in the Spring – points will be given based on work delegated:

Banquet Awards Manager – Spring Only
Spring Trip Coordinator – Spring Only

If you are interested in exploring any of these additional opportunities please contact us at ltbppres@gmail.com

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