Parents and Students, please complete the required Band Forms for 2020-2021

Having these forms done in advance will make E Day much easier!  Most of the forms can be done online and the process should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  All paper forms can be printed, filled out and dropped into the Band Box in Band Hall 2 any time before E Day.  Forms must be completed and turned in by E-Day, Sep 12th.  Students will not be allowed to start Summer Band on Monday, July 27th if their forms are not turned in, including a fully completed physical form.  The forms need to be completed by a parent/guardian and student together – some forms require electronic signatures from both the parent and the student.


2020-2021 Physical Form

This is a paper form that must be completely filled out, signed and dated by a parent, student, and healthcare provider.  Please keep a copy of this completed form by scanning it or taking a picture of it with your phone before turning it in.  Please print a current 2020-2021 form to be filled out and turned in.  

2020-2021 Medication Administration Form

This form is electronic and allows us to dispense over the counter medication to your student should your student request it.  Please complete this form even if you do not want any medication dispensed to your student.

2020-2021 Extra Curricular Conduct Form

Please sign and turn in the last page of the packet.  Only the last page of the document needs to be printed, filled out and turned in.  

Rank One Forms

The Rank One forms are a series of electronic forms that are required of every athlete in the school.  Since Marching Band falls under the umbrella of athletics, our students are required to complete these forms.  There are several forms within Rank One including:

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • UIL Signature Page

All forms within Rank One must be completed.  Both parent and student are required to complete these forms and affix electronic signatures.

2020-2021 Leader for Life/Lake Travis High School Drug Testing Consent & Enrollment Form 

2020-2021 Special Diet Form (optional)

This is the only optional form.  If your student has special dietary needs or allergies, please fill out this form.

Cut Time

Please make every effort to update your information in Cut Time, our primary communication, and record-keeping software.  Click on the "Student/Parent Sign Up" option in the upper right-hand corner.  Our school ID is Lake Travis High School Band (Austin TX) ID:11280 which will auto-populate as you start to type it in.  There are 2 Lake Travis options.  Please choose the Band option and fill in the appropriate information.  Please note: the student's mobile phone and email should be the student's mobile phone and email.  The parent's mobile phone and email should be the parent's mobile phone and email.

Special Note: if you are unable to access the Rank One forms and/or Cut Time it is likely because we did not have your student number.  Please send a quick email with your full name and student number and we will work on getting this fixed for you.  For this or any questions, please contact

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