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Parents and Students, please complete the required Band Forms for 2023-2024

All required forms should be completed and submitted on or before EDay (everything day), July 29, 2023. Hard copy forms (Physical, ECC) can be scanned and submitted here prior to EDay or turned in on EDay. Please ensure forms are signed by both the student and parent.

Reduce your wait at E-Day by uploading your paper forms here. This saves both you and us time! Forms must be PDF format. Submit Forms Here


Required Forms:

Athletic Physical/Medical History - all students must have yearly physical (dated after April 1)

Extracurricular Code of Conduct

Rank One online forms (4 forms in Rank One)

Student Drug Testing Consent and Enrollment Form

Medication Administration Permission Form

Special Meal Request Form (optional)

Please make plans to obtain your physical PRIOR TO THE START OF SUMMER BAND CAMP.

Students can not participate in band camp without a completed physical.

(Click the links below) 

1) Physical / Medical History (Link)

Medical History must be signed and dated by student, parent and healthcare provider.

(must be dated after April 1st)  (Paper Form)

2) Extracurricular Code of Conduct (Link)

ECC needs to be signed by both student and parent. You only need to return the signature page (Paper Form).

3) RankOne Online Forms (Link)

Online forms must be completed using the Rank One program for all students. Make sure when you are filling out the online forms that you have the 2023-2024 school year. There are 4 Rank One forms (Online Forms)

COLORGUARD MEMBERS: Please choose both Color Guard AND Band when filling out Rank One Forms.

4) Student Drug Testing Consent & Enrollment (Link)

All LTISD students who participate in extracurricular activities are required to participate in the Student Drug Testing program. (Online Form)

5) Medication Administration Form (Link)

This form allows band staff to dispense over the counter medication to your student should your student request it. Please complete this form even if you do not want any medication dispensed to your student. (Online Form)

6) Special Meal Request Form (Link)

This is the only optional form. If your student has special dietary needs or allergies, please fill out this form.

*Optional (Online Form)

Questions, please contact

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