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The 2022-2023 Band Store is now open for shopping. For those who are new to band, the store consists of apparel items and spirit wear (required and optional) that students will need for band competitions, practices and football games. There are a few spirit wear selections for family members as well. We have also included a mandatory “Section Fee” that all students will pay now to help alleviate some of the section fee cost on E-day (7/30) and a required deposit for the band trip to St. Louis for the BOA St. Louis Super Regional marching contest in October.


You will find items that are required for ALL students, BAND ONLY students, GUARD ONLY students, and OPTIONAL/SPIRIT WEAR items.


All incoming freshmen and students new to band need to purchase all required items. Upperclassmen/returning students only need to purchase the section fee, St. Louis deposit, marching show shirt, and any required items that need to be replaced.

The Band Store will be open from Sunday, May 8th – Friday, June 10th. Please email Carrie Suh at if you have any questions.



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